Technology is inseparable from business today. The ‘IT versus Business’ priority conversation must be consigned to history. A new language has emerged where terms like Fintech, RegTech & Insurtech dominate, and where customer engagement through digital channels is an obsession.

Without a well-crafted technology strategy aligned to a clearly articulate vision, businesses of all sizes and complexity risk over-investment or worse, misguided investment. The range of choices available, and the desire to sate the desire for progress from shareholders, have the potential to drive poor decision-making.

We have deep connections in technology and a dedicated focus to ensuring clients have access to accurate and comparable assessments. We provide a range of services to ensure you extract the maximum return from every technology dollar invested. We keep you ahead of the curve on new directions and ensure you develop a cohesive, integrated technology platform for your business.

Choosing new technology can feel like its most of the battle but history shows it’s the quality of the implementation project that determines success. Our proven track record of managing complex implementations shows we know the pitfalls. Learn from our experience and we’ll ensure you avoid them.

Sweating technology assets is critical to efficient business operations. We have partnered with three leading solution providers – Decimal (Digital Advice), Fineos (Claims) & PractiFI (CRM & Customer Engagement) to be able to assist their clients extract maximum value from every dollar spent.

Businesses are increasingly reliant on a diverse mix of technologies. Few have the capability or capacity to maintain the necessary skills to assess and manage these. Our CTO service augments your leadership team with a senior resource to develop and enable a strategic approach to technology use.

Major investment in technology is not something firms do every day. We look beyond the façades and ensure everything from core functions to implementation capability are quantifiably assessed. The keep the process light and fast so your investment is in the outcome not the selection.

In a world of fast-moving technologies Fintech, Regtech & Insurtech, are in the express lane. Our advisory team regularly review new and growing firms to ensure you get the most up-to-date information available anywhere. Our comprehensive review framework covers everything you’ll need.

With so much choice available and the role of technology changing from back office platforms to front office engagement tools, it’s critical that a sound strategy underpins technology investment. Integration, data security & solution scalability are critical, as is making informed choices about ‘buy v build v SAAS’.