Increased member and employer expectations are challenging the heavily outsourced business models of most superannuation funds. Years of limited investment in technology and restricted access to administration data make genuine analytic insights difficult to obtain. Visions of omni-channel engagement, underpinned by paperless processes, dominate strategic plans.

New entrants targeting high-value demographics are challenging established players. Backed by new technologies, these high-engagement, marketing led businesses have potential to reshape the industry. In response, operating models must change. Today’s disaggregated member journeys need to be replaced by seamless, data-rich experiences.

Funds need to address questions around data-ownership and control of customer communication to inform future operating structures. Deferred action is not an option.

Engaging with members and employers is more important now than ever. Expectations have increased and competition abounds. Understanding the potential for omni-channel engagement is important. Knowing how to deliver it is essential. From journey mapping to tool selection we can show you how.

Every year the expectations placed on Trustees and Fund Executives increase. Funds need a strategy to get ahead of the compliance curve. We work with you embed governance controls within operational structures and processes to ensure you’re in command and not caught having to react.

Changes in product design and customer engagement have driven a need to revisit the organisation structure within superannuation funds. Team structures, control frameworks and capability sets need to be revisited. We provide review and recommendation services across all functional areas.

Insurance is increasingly a competitive battlefield yet most funds are receiving the minimum service that insurers can deliver. From tender management through periodic reviews and independent claims assessment our insurance experts will ensure that your members receive the best possible deal.

Understanding obligations and being able to bring them to life is a specialist skill. The level of scrutiny applied by regulators and the media alike has cast compliance as the largest reputational risk facing funds. Our team of experts will review your control frameworks to strengthen your position.

Delivering change through projects is commonplace yet effective management of a portfolio of initiatives is rarely given the required attention. We provide a scalable, cost effective PMO service that provides executive level control, delivery frameworks and reporting for a fixed monthly fee.