More than any other sector, financial advice is under assault. The revenue models of most advice businesses require fundamental change. Customer expectations of the services required have changed. Profit is more difficult to achieve.

Licensees must rethink the value proposition extended to aligned firms. Compliance pressure requires vigilance yet creates tension with evolving commercial demands. Quality advice businesses demand more. Shifting adviser demographics and the large-scale exodus of older planners creates an opportunity for renewal. Building sustainable licensee and advice business models for the future is critical.

From technology to profitability, our team of consultants understand the challenges faced by advice industry participants.

Customer engagement across all channels is critical to growing a successful advice business. Sequential has partnered with PractiFI to bring a best-of-breed business management and customer engagement platform to the industry. Let us show you the power of the platform.

With Fintech, RegTech & InsurTech now part the business lexicon it’s critical to understand what they mean and the possibilities they open. We bring clarity to an otherwise hazy area through reviews of what to watch. We ensure you have the information you need.

Keeping pace with changing technology is hard but missing the potential benefits can be devastating. Over four weeks we will review your business to identify areas where technology can increase profitability through increased efficiency & engagement.

With so much focus on regulatory risk many advice businesses adequately address other common risk factors. Operational, technology, financial and competitive risks are typically overlooked. We can run a full risk review of your business to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Few advice businesses have the experience or leadership capacity to manage a technology function, yet the success of the business depends on it. We can provide specialist leadership to make sure that your strategy is delivered, leaving you free to meet with customers.

Tomorrow’s advice businesses will be technology driven. Business owners can’t afford to rely on the generic propositions from licensees alone. Building from our Technology Review, our consultants will develop a three-year technology strategy with clear milestones.